Support Service

With the development of the gambling industry, we can now see how many different features and options every gambler has. Online gambling websites that provide different casino and betting services make tons of different opportunities and options to entertain their customers.

On the gambling website, you will be able to find thousands of different games and activities. There are also a lot of bonuses and promotions that work differently. And of course, every gambling website has its own special features and functions for gamblers. In addition, many gambling companies also have mobile applications.

Now we can see that the list of casino and betting features and options is really huge. Not every customer will be able to deal with all these functions. That is why almost every online gambling provider has a special team that helps clients.

This team is called Customer Support and Service Team. It is usually a professional team of specialists who know everything about the website and its features. This team always works for customers to help them with troubles of any kind.

For example, customers often have problems with transactions and promotions. In this case, they can always ask for help and the Support Service Team will ask their questions about different Terms and Conditions or help with transactions. 

The Support Service Team will also help you if you think that your account on the website could be stolen in the nearest future. They will give you instructions about how to protect your account and what to do next to avoid scamming. 

Customer Support and Service are not only about solving troubles and problems. This team of specialists will also help you to find the necessary information about the website if you did not find it yourself. The Customer Support Service will always help you!

Support Service at Ricky Casino

As one of the top-rated casino and gambling companies we also have a Customer Support and Service Team. Our company managed to find the best support specialists and now they are helping hundreds of customers every day to make your gambling experience better!

Our Customer Support and Service are available 24/7. Every customer will be able to ask a question or ask for help. Our Customer Support will help you to deal with all the available stuff on the website and even in the mobile gambling application. We recommend you to contact the Customer Support Team if you have troubles with any activity on the website and you do not know how to solve it.

We also ask you to contact Customer Support if you found a mistake or the information is wrong. You can contact this team if you found a bug on the website. Our team will send this information to the developers’ team and they will solve this issue as fast as possible. 

Support Service and Responsible Gambling

Our company completely understands that many people may have serious troubles with online gambling and casino activity. If you find it difficult to stop and your gambling activity causes troubles in real life then we strongly recommend you ask for help.

You can always write down a message to our Support Service and they will give you instructions and advice on how to find a professional specialist which will help you to deal with your problem. Our Support Service can also give you special links to websites that will be useful in your situation.

There is also another thing that Support Service will help you with this situation. On our website, you will be able to find a lot of Responsible Gambling measures. Due to our Responsible Gambling Policy, we provide our customers with different methods that will be effective to control and set limits. And there is a measure which is called “Self-Exclusion”. If you will use this measure then your account will be deactivated.

There are actually two Self-Exclusion measures. The first one will deactivate your account for some period of time. And the second one will delete it forever. Everything you will need to do to activate this Resposible Gambling measure is to contact our Support Service Team and write down your decision. They will always help you to do it!

How do contact the Support Service?

There are actually two variants of how you can contact our Customer Support and Service team. You should also remember that our Support Service works 24/7 and they will be happy to help you at any time of the day!

The first variant is to contact this team via the Live Chat on the official Ricky Casino website. There you will find a special chat icon which will always be in the lower right corner. After clicking on this icon you will be able to write a message and have real-time help from our support team. This method is very suitable for urgent situations!

The second variant is to contact our Customer Support and Service by writing down an email message. You will need to visit your email account and use this email address to send a message – [email protected]. After that, your message will be immediately sent to our Support Service. You will need to use this variant to proceed with a Self-Exclusion. You can also write an email at any time of the day!